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Work at AHP

Work at AHP

We realise that without qualified and engaged employees we could not achieve our goals or develop our organisations. Therefore, we strive to build a team of experts in their respective specialties, who identify with the goals of the company and the group.

American Heart of Poland wants to be an employer of choice. Therefore, from its beginnings the company has attempted to create a friendly working environment, where all employees may fulfil their potential and achieve professional satisfaction. We ensure work safety and foster a pleasant atmosphere in individual teams.


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Recruitment process

In American Heart of Poland, we are aware that the recruitment process is the fundamental element in the work of the HR department, therefore it is conducted according to our company procedure.

Step one

Having learned about a job offer, the candidate sends a CV and a cover letter to: praca@klinikiserca.pl, or applies via the work portal where the offer was published.

The email should include the email title (referring to the position or division of the company), city or town where the candidate wishes to work, CV with a recent photograph, a cover letter and the clause:

I consent to the processing of my personal data included in this application in the scope necessary for the recruitment process (following the Act of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection, Official Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883).

HR and/or direct supervisors analyse and select the received CVs. Those that correspond best to the requirements of the position are chosen. This stage usually results in phone calls to the selected candidates, who are invited for an interview.

The first meeting is usually with a person from HR, or with the future direct supervisor. At this stage we want to learn more about the candidate’s professional experience, achievements, and plans for the future. The candidate’s personality is also analysed. After a cycle of meetings, the HR specialist submits recommendations to the head of the relevant department.

A conversation with the supervisor is another important element of the recruitment process. It allows one to evaluate the candidate’s specialist knowledge, and to verify whether his or her profile is suitable for the team, and for our company culture. During the meeting tests and tasks verifying specific skills may be used.

Depending on the position the candidate is applying for, a meeting with a higher-level manager may be necessary. In the case of top management positions, the Management Board is engaged in the recruitment process.