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Balance of the Heart

Balance of the Heart

Package description

Package description

It is a comprehensive set of laboratory and diagnostic tests to determine the general condition of the heart. The Heart Balance can be performed at a selected Clinic at a convenient time.

For whom?

For whom?

  • For people who are at risk of developing the disease or have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems,
  • for people at risk of cardiac death (smokers, with high cholesterol level, overweight and diabetics),
  • for people whose immediate family member has been diagnosed with a heart disease,
  • for people holding managerial positions and for everyone who is exposed to long-term stress, frequent travels and irregular working hours,
  • prophylactically and for control: for active people who actively play sports and for those who plan an adventure with amateur or competitive sports (they are at risk of overloading the heart muscle).


  • Test results with a detailed analysis carried out by specialists in the field of cardiology,
  • recommendations related to further prophylactic or therapeutic procedures.
The package includes

The package includes

  • Initial consultation – detailed medical interview in terms of risk factors, genetic conditions, lifestyle, undergone procedures and operations, ailments, diseases, medications taken,
  • measurements of body weight, height, blood pressure, waist circumference,
  • BMI calculation
  • diagnostic examinations:
    • Resting ECG
    • Echocardiography
    • Cardiac stress test
  • blood laboratory tests – cardiological profile for the assessment of the cardiovascular system
  • final consultation:
    • summary of laboratory and diagnostic tests
    • interpretation of results and risk assessment of heart attack
    • risk assessment of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
    • disease prevention counseling
    • dietary recommendations and further medical recommendations
Package price

Package price: 650 PLN

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